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Bradford Fencing Services

Are you looking for a company specialising in the installation of fences in Bradford, West Yorkshire? Our company is at your service to offer you both the aesthetic and security of a garden fence to ensure that your space is protected and preserve your privacy from neighbouring gardens.

In addition to protecting your home from intrusions, it embellishes the exterior, which brings real added value in the event of resale. With the different types and styles of fences available, we will offer you a range of materials, quotes, and services to ensure that you are creating the most beautiful outdoor space.

As a Bradford fencing contractor, we will be able to provide you with local Yorkshire hospitality, as well as impeccable materials and service. From the layout, dimensions and style, you can choose from an array of styles, such as wrought iron fencing to enhance a more traditional style home, as well as wooden fencing, which adds a Mediterranean charm.

We also offer fence repairs, which is vital for Yorkshire homes that often feel the ever-changing Pennine weather’s backlash. For fencing contractors near me, you can look no further, calling us today on 01274 011520.

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Bradford Fencing SERVICES

Not only do we offer impeccable fencing services in Bradford, West Yorkshire, but we also provide customers with fence repair. Harsh weathers can leave fences looking both lacklustre and damaged, including a fence becoming dislodged, which can be a hazard.

We work to a timeframe that’s convenient for you, offering professional services without significant hassle. We know time is precious, which is why we work efficiently to solve the problem. When you have chosen your new fence, we can erect it carefully and precisely to ensure the finish is just the way you envisioned it.

Inspiration is vital, which is why our friendly team is always on hand to offer advice – we pride ourselves on being the best fence installers. Some of the fences that are available to you are:

Our Approach

When purchasing your fence, it is essential to be clear and specific in your request to ensure we are creating something that will last many years. We can provide tailor-made fencing with estimates for you to suit all budgets.

The layout, dimensions, and exact quantity of fencing panels needed will be determined and take into account the type of landscape you have and the terrain to ensure that the fence is securely erected. Along with the desired height, colour, material and model, we will work within your budget and offer you a range of ideas and possibilities.

We seek to define the route according to the customer’s wishes. We also evaluate health and safety regulations as safety is paramount.

Wooden Fencing

Perfectly integrated into the garden environment, the wooden fence is a harmonious solution to delimit your land. Wood fences allow you to choose a blackout fence that protects you from prying eyes and the wind or a barrier type open panel fence, which gives more depth to your exteriors.

As a general rule, the posts used to secure your border should be cast in concrete, such as PVC fences or wrought iron fences, as wind resistance can be significant. Our wooden fences undergo a specific treatment. It will ensure that it doesn’t rot and it does not fall victim to ambient humidity, insects and other fungi.

If you had concerns about wooden fences, they are most definitely a sturdy choice that can also adapt to your needs – you can paint any colour you desire. Redwood is often the most durable choice, but other types of wood are sustainable and long-lasting, giving a brilliant finish. Our fencing erectors can offer you advice on the best woods available. 

Plastic Fencing

The use of plastic in the garden is a new fashion, and we can use it for fencing and barriers. A plastic or PVC fence has many advantages over wood, metal or concrete fences because it requires little to no maintenance. It is also environmentally friendly, surprisingly, because it uses reclaimed material.

When we talk about synthetic material, many people think of rough and shiny constructions, which we sometimes believe is cheap; however, plastic fencing can look incredible. They are stiff and sturdy, which means that they offer optimum protection for your outdoor space.

Today, PVC fences are available in many variations, layouts, colours and textures, so you can see what types of plastic fencing we have to offer to bring style and substance to your outdoor space. Our fencing erectors will be able to provide advice on the best maintenance. 

Composite Fencing

If we simplify composite fencing, essentially, it is a wood made up of plastic on the one hand and plant fibre (wood flour, hemp, bamboo, corn rasp) on the other part. It is often supplemented by pigments, additives (antifungal agents, lubricants to facilitate the process), and a mineral charge.

What is more, the composite is a material that offers both superior resistance and a visual aspect of unparalleled sobriety. Some may prefer wood with a more natural and authentic look. Still, composite fencing can indeed look modern and chic – it most certainly has a more ‘industrial feel’ to it than tradition; however, composite wood is an expensive material: raw materials, profiles with high mechanical value, coextrusion, production methods, service life.

It is an investment but can be sturdy and long-lasting. It is weather-resistant and can be used in multiple areas with good protection. 


We are recognised for our know-how in the most complex projects in Bradford, West Yorkshire. No project is too small or too big and will serve you with the same professionalism. We strive to meet all your expectations.

Our professional fence installers will offer the guidance and support you need to create an attractive outdoor area for aesthetic reasons and security. No two jobs are the same, which is why we offer bespoke services to all our customers, ensuring quality is met, and you are pleased with your result.

We want you to feel happy and secure in your home, so let us be your first port of call for fencing contractors in West Yorkshire.

Chain Link Fencing

Our team are experienced in installing fence panels, and we have a wide variety of different styles and colours. If you want something not on the shelf, then contact us!

We can install bespoke trellis to match your garden design. Every garden has its unique character, and we will find the trellis that is perfect for you.

Wrought Iron Fencing

The openwork wrought iron fence offers many possibilities in terms of style. It can be simple and only composed of vertical bars, more or less spaced according to the models, like a grid. There are also more elaborate styles, such as those used for creating a homemade pergola. In this case, we will decorate the fence with multiple elements: friezes, rosettes, coats of arms, etc.

This type of fence lets light and looks through: it will not preserve your privacy as much as other types, but it is a way to showcase your home and garden. The material is incredibly durable, in fact almost solid. With robust steel, it is resistant to break-ins or damage and can generally deter burglars. 

Fence Repair

Fences can become damaged from poor weather conditions. Strong winds can blow fences over or perhaps dislodged or became damaged from the weather or animals. Fence repairs are a much more feasible option than having them replaced.

In case of urgent repairs, our friendly team will be at your service within 24 hours. Fence repair is beneficial to your curb appeal also. We utilise proven products to maintain your fences and offer valuable advice to ensure that the problem doesn’t arise again.

Our fencing contractors in West Yorkshire are always available to chat with you and discuss how we can bring your garden to life. Our fencing installers are constantly working to bring you a great looking property! 


Most frequent questions and answers

The average price of a fence depends on the terrain to be equipped and the materials chose. Also, the cost of labour and services vary depending on the location and the installation techniques used. For small budgets, wire mesh fencing is the top economic solution, followed by PVC and plastic fencing. Chain link fencing is on the affordable end of the budget, but depending on whether it is galvanised, plasticised or coloured, it will change the price. Bamboo fences are also on the less expensive side. 

This question most definitely depends on the type of look and finish that you are aiming to achieve. In terms of security and durability, wrought iron and metal fences will be the strongest and possibly last the longest. So if this is your desire, this could be the best option. Wood is a close second because it is natural in style and design, and when erected professionally, it is not going to fall victim to damages or blowing over in strong winds. Composite fencing is the most expensive but offers strong durability and a modern look, which may not complement all homes styles, but can be adapted well to your needs. With the best fencing installers, you can certainly make your home look great.

Composite wood fence is an elegant, ecological fence that is well suited to any terrain. It is indeed economical and very durable, especially when it comes to high-end materials. The composite wood fence still requires a little maintenance to stay clean and prevent the appearance of moss. Whilst it is on the more expensive side, it can last up to twenty years and will be able to offer you a modern finish with great security benefits.