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Plastic Fencing

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Most frequent questions and answers

The average price of a fence depends on the terrain to be equipped and the materials chose. Also, the cost of labour and services vary depending on the location and the installation techniques used. For small budgets, wire mesh fencing is the top economic solution, followed by PVC and plastic fencing. Chain link fencing is on the affordable end of the budget, but depending on whether it is galvanised, plasticised or coloured, it will change the price. Bamboo fences are also on the less expensive side. 

This question most definitely depends on the type of look and finish that you are aiming to achieve. In terms of security and durability, wrought iron and metal fences will be the strongest and possibly last the longest. So if this is your desire, this could be the best option. Wood is a close second because it is natural in style and design, and when erected professionally, it is not going to fall victim to damages or blowing over in strong winds. Composite fencing is the most expensive but offers strong durability and a modern look, which may not complement all homes styles, but can be adapted well to your needs. With the best fencing installers, you can certainly make your home look great.

Composite wood fence is an elegant, ecological fence that is well suited to any terrain. It is indeed economical and very durable, especially when it comes to high-end materials. The composite wood fence still requires a little maintenance to stay clean and prevent the appearance of moss. Whilst it is on the more expensive side, it can last up to twenty years and will be able to offer you a modern finish with great security benefits.